What Differences between HarmonyOS vs Android to Aware

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What Differences between HarmonyOS vs Android to Aware

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After the launch of HarmonyOS which is claimed to be better than both iOS and also Android, you may be wondering about what differences between HarmonyOS vs Android to expect. Well, naturally, they are both different, but there are several features and nature in Harmony that are claimed to be better than Android.

The Overall Comparisons
It’s true that Harmony is using the pen Source Platform from Android, but Huawei managed to develop it in a way that makes it super better and more solid than Android. Even from a glimpse, the Harmony is lighter and more versatile than the popular Android.

Although Harmony itself is still somewhat half Android, Huawei did a good job in taking all of the positive aspects of the Android and amplify them. Harmony isn’t only good to enable computers, tablets, and smartphones, but it can also form basis for ‘smart’ home clusters and devices, such as smart TV, smart speaker, light switch, light bulb, and so much more.

More Benefits
The operating system would be very light too; much lighter than Android. It means that it won’t consume much resource. Harmony won’t consume much storage and RAM either, meaning that you can enjoy extra free space, which can probably reach hundreds of megabytes.

Harmony is said to be better than Android is because of its economical nature. The OS is lightweight, allowing the system to work smoothly and seamlessly on different types of devices. As a result, you can expect a combination of reduced resource usage and high level of performance. With its own ecosystem, Harmony can reach level of expertise, just like Apple devices. It’s safe to say that you can expect low resource consumption and low energy, plus high performance with satisfying output.

So, if you expect improved performance and quality outcome, Harmony seems to offer promising future. And after you learned about what differences between HarmonyOS vs Android, you can decide whether it would be the right system for you.
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